Peter Wingfield and Stargate

I noted a couple of posts ago that I'd seen Peter Wingfield guest starring in Stargate SG1. He's becoming something of a repeat guest star, having been in two more episodes to date. Whether or not we'll see him again is something of a question though.

It's neat, seeing all the familiar faces. That one especially rather reminds me of his playing of Methos (esp in the Comes a Horseman/Revelelations 6:8 episodes).

Stargate etc.

I've been watching Stargate SG1 lately and found it rather neat. In this case, I'm referring to the way you see actors from one show to another. In Divide & Conquer it was Peter Wingfield, who I usually see as Methos.

Then there was the episode with Richard Ian Cox, who I've seen in the Black Stallion TV series. Then, in the last episode I've seen (The Curse) it was a character (who my boyfriend looked up, thinking her familiar from another show) who turned out to have been in the Highlander episode The Zone. Now, I have to re-watch that one as I can't remember a thing about it. And at the same time, one of the guest stars was Ben Bass who did the third season of Forever Knight. (which is also on my to watch list).

It's really neat how these actors get around.

Interesting way to wake up

To the fire alarm going off. Had to scramble to wake up enough to realize what was going on and then collect the cats and get out.

Thankfully it was just a drill. Still, that's not the best way to wake up, and the two kittens were traumatized. At least, they're semi-trained to go into their crates for security - I've been using the crates for their "safe space", and they're quite comfortable with them, going in and out all the time.

Cooking and New Blog

In recent weeks I've gotten a lot more enthusiastic about cooking and trying out new recipes. So far they're mostly from the book How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, which has some really good recipes.

Not only new recipes, but new ingredients and new combinations of spices and herbs. It's a lot of fun, and providing things finish up edible, not too expensive either. Of course, that's not always guaranteed.

Anyway, in an attempt to keep things organized for myself and to keep my enthusiasm up, I've started a new blog on the subject: Kitchen Misadventures. It's called that because not everything turns out, and the results can sometimes be rather funny.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything and when I was watching Stargate last night, I was reminded why. I think the episode is Gatekeepers. I know it's on the first disc of the second season. Anyway, I ended up playing the "recognize that location" game. It's the same game I play when watching Highlander.

I'm almost certain the planet for that episode was filmed and created in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. I certainly can't think of any other domed conservatories save for the one at Butchart Gardens near Victoria.

Either way, it makes it rather hard to think of it as another planet as needed for Stargate.

I never did watch the show when it first came out, but I'm loving it now (especially with no commercials). Fave episode to date is still Solitudes from the first season, but In The Line Of Duty was pretty darned good too.

A weekend to NOT remember

Got nailed, absolutely flattened by a cold. More cough than anything, but it's enough to keep me from sleeping. That started Thurs. night. Spent the weekend trying to sleep, but getting a lot of reading done instead. I have discovered that hot water with lemon and honey works better than cough drops. And I'm already completely tired of the flavor.

Then to top everything off, yesterday I got an object lesson in why you always check your pockets before putting them in the wash. Bits of paper everywhere! Inside and outside the clothes. Not quite sure of the best way to get it all off either. Picking each piece clear by hand? Lint roller? I tried the dust buster, but it didn't do much at all. Maybe I didn't have enough tension in the cloth.
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I've been listening to the song I Believe, which was produced by CTV for the Olympics a lot lately, and I couldn't help but notice the similarities to the hymn I The Lord of Sea And Sky. Now I have one or the other of the two running through my head.

Nikki Yanofsky has a great voice.
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Stargate and household

I'm watching my way through the first season and loving it (I'm pretty sure I said something similar over the summer, but I've gotten back to it now). So far, the best episodes I think have been "The Torment Of Tantalus" and "Singularity". The first part of "Fire And Water" just about had me in tears too.

I'm definitely hooked :)

What else can you call watching two or three episodes a day?

When not watching the dvd's I'm fighting with my sink or my thermostat. It's running slow, no matter what I do. Guess I'm going to have to break down and get a plumber soon. I'm tired of boiling water to clear it for a short time. Tried baking soda and vinegar in hot water too. I think most of it wears itself out inside the garberator instead of the pipes.

Thermostat is one of those fancy programmable ones. The last owners had it set to 23 degrees all day. I'm trying to lower it (a lot), but so far I may have managed it, but at the same time I've screwed up the clock to the point it currently thinks it's about 10 AM.